Sentence with consecutive verbs

Two verbs share one subject without any pause in a sentence.

一模一样 [yì mú yí yàng]

模(模子)is a hollow container used to give shape to liquid material (such as wax or metal) when it cools and hardens.


There are several language mistakes if we take this question seriously.

Chinese Grammar: How to use comparison in a sentence (比较句)

比 is the most common word used for comparison. Although it's similar to 'than', there are some different rules of using it in Chinese.

Exclamatory Sentence with 哪(na), 呀(ya), 哇(wa) and 啊(a)

The principle of choosing the right one is based on the pronunciation of preceding words.

Chinese Grammar: Different Uses of Particle 的(de), 地(de), 得(de)

All the three words are pronounced as 'de', but they show different sentence structures in written Chinese.

What's the difference between 吗(ma) and 吧(ba)?

吗(ma) and 吧(ba) both are always used in yes-no questions.

Chinese Grammar: Rhetorical Question

Rhetorical Question is a question that you ask without expecting an answer. There are several phrases in Chinese to compose rhetorical questions.

Chinese Grammar: Negative Question

Negative questions are questions with negative hypotheses. Unlike English, the way to answer negative question in Chinese is exactly the opposite.

Chinese Grammar: Simple Subject-Verb-Object Structure

Subject–verb–object is a basic and common sentence structure in Chinese, and it’s very similar to English grammar.

Useful Chinese for Traveling in China - Basic Words/Phrases

For those cities are not famous for tourism, understanding some basic Chinese before you go can be very helpful.

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Chinese Grammar: Verb - Complement Structure

A complement is a word or phrase after a verb that adds more meaning of the sentence.

How to ask and tell the date in Chinese?

What day is it today? 今天是几号? What Chinese year is this year? 今年是什么年?

Learn Chinese from Chinese Food - Drink

If you always say you don’t have a partner to practice your Chinese, how about learning Chinese while you are eating?

Learn Chinese from Chinese Food - Beef Dishes

How to say Szechuan Beef in Chinese? What's the meaning of Szechuan?

Chinese Vocabulary - Shopping

How to say grocery store in Chinese? How to say discount?

Chinese Vocabulary - Clothing

How to say coat in Chinese? What's the meaning of 夹克?

Chinese Vocabulary - Airport and Flight

How to say terminal in Chinese? What's the meaning of 登机牌?
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